Studio City Day


Today was a Studio City day.  Started out with a stop at the Dry Bar. Had a gal named Beth ( I was a walk-in as are most of the customers).  Walking in the first person I saw was a girl with long dark hair getting it blown out very straight. She glanced up from her magazine and gave me big warm smile – for no apparent reason. Don’t ‘cha love it when people smile for no reason? Turned out to be Jennifer Love Hewitt from The Ghost Whisperer!  Nice to know she likes bargains too. Was watching TV and saw a movie with Katherine Heigl – who had this really cool retro wavy hair-do – a la Veronica Lake.  Beth said "you want something like that?"  Without much thought I quipped "sure!"  Hate it when I do that as it’s usually a disaster. Midway I was a little scared as I glanced in the mirror and saw these huge Shirley Temple ringlets all scrunched up above my ears.  But she ultimately pulled them down, put some goop on, and must say it looked pretty good for $35.

Couldn’t resist then stopping in Canyon Beach for a quick look at their amazing cover-ups. I’d forgotten about that place- there is some really cute stuff in there.  It ain’t cheap – but what is these days that’s quality? I was particularly enamored with a blue and white, cotton spagetti strap sundress for $188.  Maybe I’ll start hinting about Mother’s Day…

Finally ventured west on Ventura Blvd – and bravo- no traffic!  As I headed past Hazeltine I couldn’t help but ponder what that whole corner – with the Ralphs – is gonna look in a few years. Did ‘ya year what they are doing there?  Building yet another one of those multi-level shopping centers – with yet another Starbucks…yadda yadda yadda.  All I can think about is the bottlenecks at that intersection……

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