Sip & Savor at Sunset: Country Ridge Estates

To kick off the new year, Ventura Blvd magazine unveiled The Agency’s Paso Fino Estate with an epicurean experience. Locals took in the breath-taking view of the Santa Monica mountains at sunset. The 6-bedroom dream estate was filled with the smells of delicious creations by Lisa’s Bon Appetit. Guests were delighted by the burger bar, IPA tastings, couture french fry bar, and DIY s’more making station. David Villafaña and Gabe Wheaton of We The Folk entertained guests as they mingled around the expansive pool sipping on curated wines by the sommeliers of Studio di Sole and custom cocktails by the Natural Mixologist. Special thanks to Choura Events for their continued partnership and Penta for providing the purified bottled water.