Art’s Deli “I Want It All” Achieves Destination Soup Status

Soup Studio City
Other chicken soup is basic compared to Art's Deli. [Joshua Lurie]

When Warren G sang, “I Want It All,” the legendary Long Beach rapper neglected to mention chicken soup. If he records a remix, the bowl by that name at Art’s Deli should definitely be included.

Art’s Deli is a Studio City classic that dates to 1957. Founder Art Ginsburg passed away in 2013, but the restaurant with blue awning and long deli case is still going strong under the direction of his son, Harold Ginsburg.

Art’s Deli features a massive menu that can be challenging to navigate. The restaurant is best known for overflowing sandwiches, and we can now confirm they have one destination soup.

“I Want It All” Chicken Soup – which costs a whopping $17 – arrives in a big clear bowl of flavorful chicken broth bobbing with a juicy matzo ball the size of a baseball, shredded chicken breast and dime cuts of carrot. The bottom of the bowl reveals a smattering of egg noodles, rice and kasha—barley tossed with sweet sautéed onions. Kreplach—a soft, oversized beef ravioli that rises to the top of the bowl like a jellyfish and packs far less sting—provides the finishing touch.

“I Want It All” is a substantial soup that delivers textural contrast, qualifies as a filling meal and would more than warrant a trip from Long Beach for Warren G.

12224 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-762-1221