Game of Cones

Game of Thrones is one of the most ruthless, exhilarating shows on TV, and to honor its return to HBO, mega-fans Adrienne Borlongan and Wanderlust Creamery business partner JP Lopez created seven flavors inspired by the show’s distinct geography. Thankfully, unlike on Thrones where many roads lead to oblivion, everybody wins with “Game of Cones” ice creams and sorbets available until through July.

Adrienne has watched every episode of the drama along with seven hours of detailed behind-the-scenes commentary and has firm grasp on what makes each kingdom unique. Dorne inspired “Candied Plums from Dorne,” a custard ice cream with house-made spiced plum jam swirl and pieces of brown butter almond cake. Travel Across the Narrow Sea for “Fire + Blood” inspired spicy sorbet made with dragon fruit, blood orange and serrano chilies.

“Winter is Coming” to the northern kingdom of Winterfell, interpreted as an oatmilk ice cream swirled with honey caramel spiked with 10-year single malt Scotch. Gentile Highgarden is “Growing Strong” with verbena-infused ice cream speckled with candied roses, violets and candied bergamot orange. Take a stand against white walkers at The Wall with “Dragon Glass”—a dairy-free, vegan dark chocolate and Russian Imperial dark stout sorbet.

Westeros delivers “Milk of the Poppy,” a blend of Coquelicot (poppy flower) liqueur ice cream and poppy seeds. Kings Landing, center of the show’s universe and home to the iron throne, inspired “Blackberry Wine Sorbet,” a vega, dairy-free blend of blackberries and Argentinian red wine.

We won’t know which character(s) will survive to claim the iron throne until 2018. In the meantime, devour a cone of delicious, shard-free dragon glass.

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