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May 4, 201112:00 AMValley Girl

May 2011

Studio City Day


Studio City Day

Today was a Studio City day.  Started out with a stop at the Dry Bar. Had a gal named Beth ( I was a walk-in as are most of the customers).  Walking in the first person I saw was a girl with long dark hair getting it blown out very straight. She glanced up from her magazine and gave me big warm smile - for no apparent reason. Don't 'cha love it when people smile for no reason? Turned out to be Jennifer Love Hewitt from The Ghost Whisperer!  Nice to know she likes bargains too. Was watching TV and saw a movie with Katherine Heigl - who had this really cool retro wavy hair-do - a la Veronica Lake.  Beth said "you want something like that?"  Without much thought I quipped "sure!"  Hate it when I do that as it's usually a disaster....

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