Ramen Studio City

Amen for Ramen

Beat the heat with delicious cold noodles.

Most ramen lovers can’t wait for fall to arrive, so they can return to their piping hot noodle soup of choice. In the meantime, though warm weather persists, some of the best ramen shops know how to play it cool. Tamashii Ramen House, a growing chain from Colin Fung and wife Mona, is the rare L.A. ramen bar that still thrives in stifling heat. At the couple’s latest outpost in Studio City, they’re serving off-menu cold ramen that is mighty refreshing on a 78º day, or if the mercury spikes.

Tamashii is best known for boldly flavored ramen styles like spicy miso and black tonkotsu. Until the season’s first cold snap—possibly as late as December—the Studio City branch (next to Black Market Liquor Bar) serves a broth-free bowl ($12.95) of cold noodles topped with diced pork char siu, hard-boiled egg, silky tofu cubes, cucumber, crunchy bean sprouts, punchy red ginger, dried seaweed and sesame seeds. Each order of cold ramen comes with nutty sesame dressing. Mix to integrate all of the bold flavors to your liking.

11923 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-855-2258