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Artisan Cheese & Wine Hosts Monthly Grilled Cheese and Beer Pairings in Studio City

Artisan Cheese & Wine, the ambitious Studio City cheese shop, hosts monthly grilled cheese and beer pairings. Kurt Gurdal presents the next event October 4.

Artisan Cheese & Wine, the increasingly ambitious Studio City cheese shop, now hosts monthly grilled cheese and beer pairings. Second-generation cheesemonger Kurt Gurdal, who earned Zagat “30 Under 30” status while working for Formaggio Kitchen in Boston, presents his next four pairings on Thursday, October 4, 7 to 9 p.m.

“Our goal is to pair each beer and grilled cheese so that they play off one another and not overpower each other,” Kurt says. “For example, we pair a burrata and mozzarella sandwich, which is typically eaten in warmer months, with light summer beers such as a wit or Hefeweizen.”

“You don’t have to be a serious beer drinker to claim cheese and beer pairings as the holy grail of matrimonies,” Artisan Cheese & Wine’s newsletter reads. “A sweet and bitter beer (or sour, if that’s your thing) is balanced effortlessly by the salt and umami of cheese.”

Their October 4 event features four pairings that focus on “flavor, but also density, potency and level of obscureness.” It starts with light—a buffalo mozzarella and burrata grilled cheese paired with a Hef/golden ale—then moves to a focaccia grilled cheese with pecorino pepata, heirloom tomatoes and thyme flowers paired with a pilsner/lager. Next is an Alpine cheddar mix with caramelized onions and a Belgian. Then an English cheddar accompanies a double IPA. The “pièce de résistance,” we’re told, is a beer-driven dessert.

Tickets cost $50 per person. Register at Eventbrite or call 818-505-0207 to reserve a seat.

12023 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-505-0207