Author! Author!

Three local stories make their way to the printed page.

Arise My Love and Come Away with Me

Wendell R. Ware

This 93-year-old Sherman Oaks resident bases his first novel on his own real-life love story—a relationship born of a mutual passion for flying, set against the dramatic background of World War II. Marriage plans are interrupted when Wendell joins the Navy, ultimately becoming involved in the atom bomb missions that led to the end of the war. 



Do You Dream in Color? Insights From A Girl Without Sight

Laurie Rubin

The inspirational and poignant story of a blind woman who defies the odds. Laurie, who grew up in Encino, recalls how she has achieved her dreams—attending Yale Opera graduate school and ultimately becoming a critically praised opera singer and even a jewelry designer. 




As the Matzo Ball Turns

Jozef Rothstein

The 10-year journey of a small-town Pennsylvania man who arrives in Hollywood as an aspiring actor and struggles to get even the most meager of gigs. He ultimately finds that humor is the best salve, as he works as a waiter at a popular Valley deli, serving some of the biggest names in showbiz.