Bedding Down With Attitude

From beds with theater-quality sound systems to automated pop-up trundles, Sapapa is redefining what it means to catch Zzzzzs….

When trying to determine where to launch the first U.S. location of the Israel-based Aminach, CEO Ron Schwartz, a long-time fan of LA, immediately zeroed in on the eastern corridor of the Boulevard. “Studio City is the center for modern, fashionable furniture,” Schwartz explains. The company renamed the store the more user-friendly “Sapapa,” and soon their spacious showroom of chic, contemporary, adjustable beds, sofa sleepers and day beds was setting the standard for what’s state-of-the-art in sleep.

While Sapapa’s stylish products are designed with space saving in mind, being high-tech is also a priority. The new “Sports Pro” mattress, for example, is inspired by the materials used in high-performance athletic shoes. “There’s an active gel layer integrated into the top of the mattress, which serves to cool and conform to the body to ease pressure on joints and back vertebrae and support the spinal column,” Schwartz says.  

For the eco-conscious, Sapapa recommends the Bio-Natural bed. It’s made of pure, 100% cotton and filled with coconut fiber. “It’s also super comfortable,” the CEO quips. ”We don’t sacrifice comfort for style.”

One of Sapapa’s most popular ways to get horizontal is its Classic Sofa Bed. It features hydraulic or electric mechanisms to adjust the head and shoulders area as well as the bedding compartment. The super compact piece comes in hundreds of fabrics, many of which can be wiped clean.


Sapapa by Aminach.12332 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, 818-980-8045,