Best Baked

A competition for the Valley’s tastiest cookie

We asked four local bakeries to pony up their top cookie for a good old-fashioned taste test. By day our judges are all busy production executives, but at night they are all self-confessed cookie monsters. Suffice to say there wasn’t a crumb left behind after they rated four cookies on a scale of 1 to 10.


Brittaney Parbs
Post Production Supervisor
Roman Perez
Alexia Necoechea



SusieCakes prides itself on using old family recipes and baking in small batches. It apparently pays off; our judges couldn’t get enough of their traditional take on chocolate chip.

BP: This hits the basic, delicious, chocolate chip cookie taste I crave. Great consistency, rich flavor with pops of sweetness and a slight saltiness that I love.
AN: The perfect cookie—the right amount of chocolate chips, a hint of brown sugar and the best part: It tastes freshly baked.
RP: Amazing chocolaty flavor in every bite, super-soft and not too sweet. It’s a giant cookie, but I want to have another, which might not be a good thing!
13029 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, 818-659-2253,
Score: 9.2



Organic ingredients and options for those with dietary restrictions is the twist at Buttercelli.

BP: I don’t dig hard cookies, so I was happy it was pretty moist. You can definitely taste the butter. Just the right amount of richness.
AN: Decorated with a lot of colorful sugar crystals, and I thought that would be too overpowering. But really liked the taste.
RP: I’m not a sugar cookie fan, but this is one of the best I’ve ever had. Not too sweet, and the texture is light and crunchy.
13722 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, 818-387-8538,
Score: 8.2



This oversized chocolate cherry cookie was touted as one of the pastry shop’s standouts.

BP: Great flavor overall but not as sour as I’d hoped it would be to help balance the chocolate. Love the huge chunks of fresh cherries.
AN: A good cookie, but I would have liked more cherry flavor. Enjoyed the overall moistness with just a hint of crunch.
RP: The cherry flavor isn’t overwhelming (a plus). Soft and definitely not too sweet, which I like.
16403C Ventura Boulevard, Encino, 818-783-8188,
Score: 7.3



With this Studio City mainstay, we gave their popular reverse chocolate chip cookie a try.

BP: A little overly sugary. The consistency was a little too hard for my taste too.
AN: Too crumbly. I would rather it be softer so maybe it would hold together better. Looks super-rich, but it’s actually pretty mild.
RP: I actually like the texture. The white chocolate chips add another level of indulgent goodness.
Big Sugar Bakeshop, 12182 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, 818-508-5855,
Score: 7.3



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