Boba Snow House Brings Pot Plant Milk Tea to Northridge

Thomas Jin, who owns Green Apple China Bistro in Studio City, brings popular San Gabriel Valley drinks like pot plant milk tea to Boba Snow House in Northridge.

With a name like pot plant milk tea, you might expect Boba Snow House’s signature beverage to have a connection to marijuana. Not so. Instead, this drink features a choice of black, green or oolong milk tea dusted with crumbled cookies and a single mint leaf to mimic the look of a potted plant. The combo has proven popular in San Gabriel Valley boba parlors, and Thomas Jin now serves the drink near Cal State Northridge.

Thomas has owned Green Apple China Bistro in Studio City for six years. He lives in Northridge, wanted to do something local, enjoys boba bars and realized his neighborhood could use a good one. Boba Snow House debuted in May in the former Devonshire Plaza home to a smoke and gift shop.

Thomas has friends who have worked in San Gabriel Valley boba shops who trained him on the beverages. He makes boba (sweet tapioca balls) in-house. Additives like grass jelly, caramel pudding, strawberry, taro and red bean can also complement iced tea, iced coffee, ice milk, slush and smoothies in a variety of flavors. The standard serving size is 25 ounces, though you can easily upgrade to a larger 32-ounce plastic cup.

Boba Snow House launched with basic seating, an oversized kitchen and repeating photo mural of a pier extending into tropical waters. July 5 marks the emergence of more welcoming seating, free WiFi and games for kids and college students. The expanded menu now includes crepes and shaved snow. Don’t worry, Snow Boba House still features a flat screen TV to play pop music videos at high volume.

17030 Devonshire St., Northridge, 818-271-2188

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