Bowl-ing for Love

A first date at the Hollywood Bowl launches a lifetime of love and anniversary visits.

Chakras by didi is a yoga and fitness lifestyle brand for women, men, toddlers and infants. Founded in 2008 by Didi Wong, Chakras by didi is sold in 17 countries around the world. Didi is also a certified integrated wellness life coach, as well as a mother of four children with her husband, Michael. She co-founded Social Spotlight Events, a company that highlights the world of social media, connecting vendors and influencers to create powerful partnerships. 

Didi was born in Hong Kong, where her parents and sisters still live. She attended boarding school in England, college at Boston University and was an exchange student in Grenoble and Paris. She moved to New York City after her graduation and worked for Vera Wang, The New York City Ballet and Pier 59 Studios. Didi speaks four languages.

Which issues are unique to the working female?  

“Being a woman means we have the power to reproduce and still own our own careers if we choose. We can manage the household along with having a paid job AND continue to be a good wife. That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a full-time homemaker because that IS a full-time and over-time job!”

How do you remain true to yourself and find your own voice in your industry?  

“In the industry of fashion, beauty and social media, it is so easy to get lost in a facade. Posting on all platforms your happy face and your fit body is great, but it is also important to use those platforms to show your true self and be brave enough to show the ‘undone’ side, which makes your audience connect with you better. Life is about being authentic. No matter what you do, staying true to yourself can be the one sole ingredient to keeping you honest and happy. If you are true to yourself, you are doing the right thing. So do everything you need to do to find your confidence. Surround yourself with friends and family who lift you up. Continue to be a student of the universe and never stop learning from everything and everyone you see around you. Three keywords to go by when trying to remain true to yourself: LOVE—Love yourself and love your life. TRUST—Trust your instincts and create trusting relationships. COMMUNICATION—Speak your truth and speak it frequently.”

Give us a few tips for finding work/life balance.  

“Finding work/life balance is a skill that one can learn. Just like you would write an appointment down for your dentist, write down everything that you need to do. Consistency is key also. One very important tip is to always find time for yourself every day.”

What is your best piece of advice for a female entrepreneur just starting out?

“Pick something that you love to do and can see yourself doing every day without hesitation. Then write a business plan. Register the name, buy the website address, print all the necessary items such as business cards and address stickers, open a bank account, read lots about how to start up a business or entrepreneurship, find your team, know your numbers and dive in. Take risks and be fearless. Listen to your instincts.”

How would your clients describe you?  

“I recently had a milestone birthday and asked my friends (some of whom are my clients) to describe me in one word on river rocks as a keepsake. Here are the words I read: Bubbly, Happy, Positive, Inspiring, Balanced, Caring, Beautiful Soul, Personification of Fabulousness, Passionate, Mindful, Beautiful, Joyful, Always with the Big Smile, Loving, Fun, Loyal Friend, Dedicated, Sweet, Admirable, Glam, Superwoman, Vivicious, Generous and Gets Sh*t Done! I would say those are pretty accurate descriptions of me. By no means am I perfect, but I am proud of who I am today and continue to practice being a better person every day.”

Tell us about your family. 

“My birth family lives in Hong Kong, but we are lucky to be able to see each other at least once a year during Chinese New Year when we go skiing in Whistler. It has been our family tradition for the last 15 years of my life. My immediate family consists of my husband, Michael; my 5½-year-old son, Jean-Pierre; my 2½-year-old daughter, Joliette; and my 9-month-old identical twin girls, Dion and Dior. My chosen family, aka my good friends, are also very important to me. I make sure they know they are loved and that I appreciate them in my life.”