Buff on the Boulevard

From a bootcamp-meets-high-tech-workout to a spin studio with a social twist, 3 innovative ways to jump-start your fitness routine this fall.

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Spin Wheels

The bright and airy studio at Beatbike is the brainchild of 27-year-old venture capitalist-turned-fitness entrepreneur, Ashton White.

“My original goal was to create the Starbucks of spin, meaning I want the workouts to be customizable. I also want everyone to feel like they belong here,” she says.

The clientele ranges from the super-fit workout junkie to the novice looking to get in shape.

The schedule includes indoor cycling classes as well as circuit training group workouts, aimed at all fitness levels.

“We’re looking to create a community feel, rather than just a place you have to race in and out of.”

To encourage mingling, there’s a cold-pressed juice shop as well as a spacious outdoor deck with Wi-Fi.

$10 trial class
18700 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 220, Tarzana


Pump Up

At the new Fitmix Studio, toss out all preconceived notions about traditional Pilates—like it’s only for women or the super fit.

“Our classes are for all levels and both men and women. We’re always able to give modifications to make it easier or harder, depending on the individual,” says Fitmix co-founder Diana Newton.

Their two signature 55-minute classes, Endurance and Mashup, are both equally grueling.

Mashup begins with 25 minutes on the treadmill—sprinting and jogging at varying rates of inclines.

After a quick cool down, and just when you’re considering giving up, you move to the customized Pilates reformer, where every part of your body—not just the core—gets hammered.

In the Endurance class, students work solely on the reformer equipment.

$10 trial class
17060 Ventura Boulevard, Encino


Feeling the Squeeze

Orangetheory Fitness offers a fast-paced class, taking students through a series of exercise stations ranging from running, rowing and weightlifting to floor exercises.

The idea is to work out at about 84% of your maximum heart rate, or “orange zone,” for 12 to 20 minutes of the hour-long class.

The theory is that once you hit that goal, you’ll reap the benefits of the “afterburn effect” or amped-up calorie loss that continues afterwards.

Students are equipped with a heart rate monitor. A plasma screen located inside the studio displays information like heart rate and exactly how many minutes are spent in “the orange.”

With plentiful parking and sessions running nearly every hour throughout the day, it’s attracting all types of people who are looking to squeeze in a structured workout and then move on with their day.

Free trial class
14006 Riverside Drive, Suite 201, Sherman Oaks