Chris Rose

Sportscaster. Baseball Junkie. Family Man.

It’s almost 2 p.m. on a Monday, and Chris Rose is getting ready to host his live show, Intentional Talk, on the MLB Network. Rose, probably best known for Fox Sports Net’s (now cancelled) The Best Damn Sports Show Period, describes his current endeavor, which he co-hosts with Kevin Millar, as “everything baseball with a fun spin.” Today’s big story concerns National League MVP Ryan Braun. The Milwaukee Brewer has just tested positive for drugs. Chris’ classic broadcaster voice booms across the room, “I’m wondering if there’s going to be an MVP re-vote?”

The self-described “baseball junkie” glances at his computer before heading into the studio—a cozy, carpeted space with an indisputable “man-cave” vibe. Powerful lights mounted in the ceiling illuminate a sports memorabilia covered desk. For the show’s entirety, Chris is in bare feet. He hasn’t worn shoes all day. In fact, since waking up, he’s never even left the West Valley home he shares with his wife and two sons. The show’s studio is conveniently located upstairs, right above the kitchen.

“The MLB Network is headquartered in New Jersey. I live here in the Valley, and Kevin lives in Austin, Texas. Neither one of us wanted to move,” Rose explains. “This works perfectly.” The network sent a team to build the set; a small camera is set up just a few feet from Rose’s desk. Throughout the show, producers cut back and forth between the co-hosts’ cameras, interspersed with live guest interviews. Next to avoiding freeways, Chris claims the best thing about his home studio is being able to have a family life. “It’s important for me to be a dad and husband as much as it is a network sportscaster,” he says. (He also continues to work for FOX). “The kids come home from school, and I’m there.”

Rose says he feels like he’s found a lifestyle similar to what he experienced growing up in Ohio. “Its peaceful and a bit slower paced. I like the fact that we’re away from it all, and we can have a back yard to play ball in.” He adds, “And unlike some parts of LA where people seem to be looking over your shoulder, people here look you in the eye. I like that.”