Deck the Halls

Why not up the ante on your holiday tree this year? Aldik Home designer Robert Brady shares advice for the ultimate in tree decor.


ADD FLORAL ELEMENTS. At Aldik we use all kinds of items to fill in space: branches, flowers, berries, glitter branches, large-scale flowers.


DESIGN A THEME TREE. At Aldik, for example, we have a New Year’s tree with masks, hats and wide ribbon with musical notes printed on it. The color scheme is blues, whites and gold.


ADD A SURPRISE COLOR like purple to your traditional red-and-green color scheme, or any jewel tone.


THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. For example, instead of putting the star on the top of the tree, for a modern vibe stick it in the side. Or instead of a star at the top, use a big flower.


USE WIRED RIBBON that is 3 or 4 inches wide. On a larger tree this helps make a statement. Back one ribbon with a wider one for a really rich feel.


USE NONTRADITIONAL ITEMS for ornaments—like peacock feathers, stars, snowflakes and butterflies.


GO COUTURE with the tree skirt. Opt for luxurious velvet, velour, rhinestones, gold lamé and embroidery.