Drybar Founder Alli Webb Opens Squeeze Massage Studio in Studio City

One of a kind—for now.

From the moment Alli Webb opened up her first Drybar in Brentwood in 2010, the concept was hit. Now she hopes to do it again with Squeeze, which offers massage services in a tech-forward, sophisticated setting. The first Squeeze opened in March in Studio City, not far from where Alli resides with her husband and two kids.

“The Studio City Drybar is here, along with our offices, so it just made sense to open our first Squeeze here,” shares Alli.

Alli is partnering in the business, which she hopes to franchise, with Brittany Driscoll, former Drybar VP of marketing. The founders hope that Squeeze will fill in the hole between discount chains and pricey high-end hotels and spas.

As with Drybar, customers book online, filling out preferences including whether you like silence or friendly chitchat during your service. Another similarity: The space is heavily branded with a consistent color palette of seafoam blue/green and white. Patrons can book, pay, tip and rate their therapist on the app or online—directly afterward or when they return home.

Before you head into the massage room you can sniff and choose among aromatherapy oils. Once inside, patrons set the room temperature, music and lighting from an iPad. When ready, notify your masseuse with a tiny button under the table.

Fifty-minute massage, $109; extras like deep tissue, aromatherapy or heat therapy do not cost extra. Memberships with discounted prices available.

12338 Ventura Blvd., Studio City  |   squeezemassage.com