Empanadas Extraordinario

NEW: At Burbank’s World Empanadas, you can’t say no to fresh dough.

As a fan of all things to do with sugar, The Sauce could not resist dropping in on LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show a couple weeks ago to taste some stuff. But Sauce and Sauce Spouse discovered that sweet things also come in savory packages during a visit to a booth hosted by Burbank’s World Empanadas.

Friendly proprietors were serving mini versions of their wares. We selected the beef and potato and the spinach and cheese empanadas: tasty, light and spiced just right in perfectly baked crust. Wonderful—and not just as an antidote to the sugar rush all around us.

Because it would have been greedy to get in line for another taste (wouldn’t it?), we visited the shop in Burbank a few days later. We discovered that World Empanadas is a family business inspired by both Argentine heritage and California cuisine.

It’s great taste at a bargain: One hearty empanada is only $2.95, and $8.99 gets you a lunch special of two empanadas, field greens salad and a beverage … plus plenty of herb-y, vinegary chimichurri sauce, which would probably be delicious even on a piece of cardboard.

The shop isn’t fancy, but it’s clean and charming. Except for side dishes, the only entrée is the empanada—but choose from more than 15 different fillings, both spicy and mild, veggie or meaty, including a Friday special. They serve a breakfast empanada and even dessert empanadas—one filled with apples and dulce de leche, the other with Nutella and banana.

OK, we’re fans. We returned a few days later to pick up a dozen for a casual dinner party. (World Empanadas does a brisk catering business.) A few minutes in the oven at 250º, and they’re just as good at home. You can also get them with raw dough and bake them yourself, but why bother?

And don’t worry if you can’t remember what’s inside. World Empanadas sends you home with a cheat sheet of the different dough shapes it uses for each flavor.

"Pie" chart

1206 Magnolia Blvd., 818-934-1820

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