Ice Cream Studio City

Enjoy Three Frozen Treats For Summer in the San Fernando Valley

With temperatures here already spiking past 90º, what better way to cool off than ice cream? We’ve discovered three unique ways to answer that call.

Temperatures are already spiking past 90º in the Valley. What better way to take the edge off than a cool treat? We’ve discovered three unique ways to answer that call: liquid nitrogen ice cream, gelato sushi and pop-up popsicles.

Ice Cream Woodland Hills

Creamistry creates custom ice cream in a liquid nitrogen swirl. [Joshua Lurie]

Creamistry is a fast-growing chain that churns liquid nitrogen ice cream and allows customers to craft their own concoction. Their new Woodland Hills outpost features four white machines that look like stand mixers but unleash swirls of liquid nitrogen smoke that create creamy ice cream in an instant. Start by choosing a size and base: rich, creamy “premium” dairy, organic dairy, nondairy coconut milk or water-based sorbets like blood orange, green apple and mango. Build 30 different flavors from options such as “Coffee & Teas” like matcha, “Nutty” options like roasted pistachio and “Cereals” like Fruity Pebbles. Pile your ice cream with a wide variety of toppings and sauces. Eat from a standard cup or upgrade to a waffle bowl, brownie bowl or chocolate bowl. I paired “premium” black cherry with shaved almonds and crushed walnuts. Creamistry also serves liquid nitrogen ice cream in affogatos, soda nitro floats and parfait-like “creations.”

23391 Mulholland Dr., Woodland Hills, 818-476-7831

Fatamorgana Gelato is an Italian import that serves the Valley’s best gelato. Katyna Mercenari teamed with Rome-based founder Maria Agnese and has creative license over Fatamorgana’s 60+ bins—many filled with seasonal flavors. Katyna also crafts gelato “sushi” to provide a fun new form for her Italian specialty and to encourage flavor exploration. Eight-piece packs are available in the shop’s freezer, and they even come with a pair of chopsticks. During my visit, bite-sized pieces included mango sorbet with a vanilla cream gelato center, basil walnut gelato with mango sorbet filling and milk chocolate gelato with raspberry sorbet core and sesame seeds. Gelato sushi changes seasonally but will always be colorful. Fatamorgana also serves a vegan set, which may not fly in Rome but makes perfect sense for Studio City.

12021 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, 818-606-0273 

Popsicle Calabasas

Chocolate-covered popsicles have been a hit at Nomad’s Calabasas pop-up. [Joshua Lurie]

Geoff Jennings crafts seasonal popsicles at Nomad Ice Pops in San Gabriel. This summer he’s dispensing six flavors from a cart at The Commons at Calabasas. Every day through August, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., you’ll find Nomad’s cart parked near Marmalade Cafe. Just look for the bright yellow umbrella. Flavors rotate, but during my visit choices included vanilla coconut and blueberry, chocolate, pineapple and mango, berry peachy lemonade, and Balboa banana, which the Bluths from Arrested Development would appreciate. I chose a refreshing ice-based strawberry mint popsicle dipped in chocolate. Nomad’s market-driven sticks will give you a sweet boost without the sugar crash.

4783 Commons Way, Calabasas

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