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Real estate agent Jordan Reghetti connects people with a new home in a new city.

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You’ve made the decision to relocate. You know where you’re going … but now what? Making yourself at home in a new city can be overwhelming. And that’s where Jordan Reghetti steps in.

You’ve made the decision to relocate. You know where you’re going … but now what? Making yourself at home in a new city can be overwhelming. And that’s where Jordan Reghetti steps in.

A California real estate agent for the past 17 years, Jordan is familiar with the stress and emotions that often accompany a decision to buy a new home—especially in a new area. She created her firm, Reghetti To Move, to connect the dots for clients moving away from Los Angeles.

Over the years, she has created a vast network of colleagues across the United States who are ready to step in and be part of the process. Whatever her clients may need—from real estate agents to movers and organizers—Jordan serves as the coordinator for their out-of-state moves. “Wherever you’re going, I can help you get there,” she says. “I am an agent and a concierge.”

The Process

Clients contact Jordan as soon as they know their new location and are ready to list their house. Jordan jumps in and helps them form a relocation team—assisting with listing their LA home while working with their Realtor in the new location. After an initial interview, Jordan creates the client’s individualized plan, demonstrating from the get-go her highly developed organizational skills.

“From A to Z, I’m a point-checker,” she says. “I take the anxiety off clients so they can do what they need with their career and/or family to make the move. Meanwhile, my team is in the background running the show so it’s seamless for them.”

Jordan says clients appreciate her open communication and blatant honesty. “There are very few agents who operate with total honesty, but I’m honest to a fault. Clients appreciate what I have to offer.”

When adding a new Realtor to her tribe, Jordan is thorough in her selection strategy. She attributes her stealth negotiating skills to watching her father—a successful entrepreneur—from a young age.

“I have a 21-question vetting process, as I have learned not to rely on referrals alone,” she explains. “The all-encompassing agents in my network offer specific expertise and strong familiarity with their local area. They can connect our clients with movers, housekeepers, organizers, dog walkers and city activities, and assist with utility hookups. They all go the extra mile. They know the little details that make a big move as peaceful as possible.”

Attention to Details

Jordan’s skills for connecting and helping organize people’s lives stem from the years she spent working in a supportive role for movie and TV professionals. “Being a personal assistant to producers and directors early in my life taught me to pay close attention to details and to make things as simple as possible,” she shares. “I learned very quickly that efficient communication and organization are crucial.”

She ventured into real estate in 2004, first working as an agent with Keller Williams, The Agency and now Compass for the past several years. “I wanted my clients to feel not only safe with me handling one of their biggest assets, but to feel as little pressure as possible,” she says. “So I naturally became a real estate concierge, so to speak. There aren’t many other businesses out there like this; my concept is unique, though I welcome competition. The more people helping make people’s lives easier, the better for all of us. There is enough to go around.”

Personal Life

A Los Angeles native, Jordan was raised by her single dad and her grandparents. She relocated to the Reno/Tahoe area when she was 7 years old and moved back to LA at age 18. Her family has always meant a lot to her, and she was deeply impacted by the tragic loss of her brother, Joey, who was killed in a car accident in 2003. He was not only her brother but also her best friend.

She has been an animal lover since she was a little girl and loves spending time with her dogs. She volunteers for animal advocacy groups including the Humane Farming Association, which is dedicated to protecting animals in agriculture; Soi Dog, an organization that travels between Thailand and China to save the lives of street dogs and cats; and John Oberg, a social media animal advocate.

Jordan plans to take an even more active role in rescuing animals in need, with the goal of establishing an educational rescue farm. “Animals are very important in children’s lives,” she says. “I grew up around a lot of animals—I was fortunate. I think it’s important for kids to see that side of life. I also advocate for senior citizens and would love to see this farm as a special place for them to visit.”

Helping reduce stress and enhancing the day-to-day life of others makes Jordan happy—whether for animals, friends or clients. “Moving is very stressful—especially out of state or cross-country,” she says. “I created Reghetti To Move to relieve some of that pressure.”

Reghetti To Move

818-730-0505  |  IG: @jornae  |  |  DRE #01927782


A few tidbits and fun facts about Jordan and her favorite things:

  • If I had a second career, it would probably be nutrition-based. It is my most googled subject matter.
  • I love to garden (my favorite thing to grow is tomatoes). I take after my Grampy; gardening helps me connect with my memory of him.
  • I would love to be stranded on Avery Island with endless bottles of all nine flavors of Tabasco and overflowing bowls of popcorn.
  • I am a strong woman of faith and a big God fan.
  • I secretly love watching Hallmark movies! So much for the secret.
  • My favorite animal is an elephant.
  • I have OCD, which is a pain in some ways but can also be a huge benefit when it comes to organizing. My pain is my clients’ gain.
  • I love fostering dogs and have adopted four of them: Cloee, Hank, Bodhi and Maggie Lew.
  • I love to travel and have been to Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Belize … so far.

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