Golden Girl

Fountain of youth? For Beverly Gaard, it’s a little simpler than that. From veggies and fruit to a life-long focus on her spiritual side, this 91 year old local has learned the secrets to a long, healthy life.

She started her career as an actress some 70 years ago with roles in movies including one with The Three Stooges. But Dr. Beverly Gaard has had many lives. She went on to get advanced degrees in religion, philosophy and counseling and founded A Way of Life chapel. She still runs it, counseling and teaching students “the laws of the universe,” as she explains it. Here she ruminates on what keeps her vibrant in her 90s, able to keep up with a much younger man and, this past year, pen her biography, I Was There.


I’ve always been healthy. I was raised on all-natural food from farms around Omaha. My mother lived to be 95, my father, 74, but he smoked.


Genes aside, I attribute my continued health to finding my master teacher at the age of 27 and learning how to meditate, which I’ve practiced for 60 years. I have a healthy life, mind, relationships and marriage for over 26 years to Charles Gherardi. That is the answer. It must be; I’m 91, and he’s 76.


When I decided to start growing spiritually.  People who seek to grow spiritually will see their life, desire, love, friends and future change. Once I did, acting, modeling and the world of entertainment had no meaning. Things without a positive place dropped away from my life.


My diet is mostly vegetables and fruits. I have never smoked or drank and have no desire to do so. I try to avoid sugar. I do enjoy a good hamburger once in a while. 


I was in a regular exercise class for about 20 years, until the teacher couldn’t do it anymore. Now I exercise once a week.


I am in a constant state of meditation. If something shocks me, I might react for a few minutes, then I revert to the positive mind and outcome.


I’m happy with my husband, my daughter and granddaughter, whom I see a couple times a year. Sure, everyone wants to look young and vibrant. But I say meditate and change your thinking.