Granada Hills Restaurant Hypes El Incomparable Peruvian Cuisine

The Lozano brothers (Freddy, Guido and Wily) were raised in Peru and expanded El Incomparable Peruvian Cuisine from Reseda to Granada Hills.

It pays to be confident. The Peruvian-born Lozano brothers (Freddy, Guido and Wily) opened their first restaurant in Reseda in 2014 and already debuted a second branch of El Incomparable Peruvian Cuisine in nearby Granada Hills in April 2016.

The Lozano brothers, who were born in La Oroya, Junin, Peru and raised as teenagers in the capital city of Lima, replaced an Argentinean restaurant called Pampas Café on a high-traffic Granada Hills corner. The simple space features a peaked roof, tile walls and a gold fan, which is very necessary in summer.

Guido and Wily serve as the restaurant’s co-chefs. Platos Fuertes (“strong plates”) include tallarin verde: fettuccine cooked in a sauce of spinach, basil and garlic that’s served with chicken Milanese. Other promising dishes include aeropuerto de pollo: Chinese-Peruvian fried spaghetti and rice tossed with chicken, egg, peppers, scallions and soy sauce. Ceviche is also a key part of Peruvian cuisine, and the raw seafood dish is available at El Incomparable. Desserts include alfajores—sandwich cookies with dulce de leche—and ice cream crafted with a Peruvian fruit called lucuma.

17003 Chatsworth St., Granada Hills, 818-271-2070

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