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The origins of the donut may be widely disputed, but one thing’s for sure—they’ve been loved for generations. Here we poll four, sugar-lovin’ first graders to choose the Valley’s most decadent, delightful donut.

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Blinkie’s Donut Emporium

4884 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Woodland Hills

This mom-and-pop establishment has been serving up classic old-fashioned donuts since the 1960s. They close everyday at noon when their display cases are completely empty. According to our rather articulate panel, their glazed donut hole is bite-sized perfection.

O: I’m only allowed donuts on rare occasions, like when my grammy and papa visit. This one is very sticky, fluffy and tasty. I could eat two.

J: Love it. I only like plain donuts so this is perfect for me—my favorite breakfast ever.

M: Delicious … so sugary and light. I can definitely eat five of them right now.

N: Awesome. I like a donut hole best because the whole bite is covered in sugar. I think I can eat about 10.

Score: 9.5

Voodoo Doughnut

100 Universal City Plaza, Universal CityWalk

The new Voodoo at Universal CityWalk is bright pink, bold and loud, which perfectly sums up its outrageously fun take on donuts. Our panel selected their signature treat—the Bacon Maple Bar.

O: Looks worse than it tastes. All of the brown on top is amazing and sticky. I really like it when I eat all of the layers at the same time.

J: I’m not a huge fan of the cake part—I just don’t care for the flavor. I take the bacon off and eat it on its own.

M: Sweet and flaky. Very delicious; the cake is very light.

N: The best part: the soft, glazed cake part and the crunch and saltiness of the bacon.

Score: 8.5

Ring Baked Tofu Donuts

6800 Owensmouth Avenue, Woodland Hills

Rather than the traditional method of deep frying, Ring’s Japanese-style donuts are baked. They are also organic, gluten-free and made from tofu. Amidst varieties like matcha green tea and lavender, we opted for the Double Chocolate.

O: I need to take small bites of this one. Very dry but I still love the flavor.

J: It has a nutty taste. I don’t think I would want to eat this again.

M: A real rich chocolate taste. I really like it. I need a glass of milk.

N: It’s more of a chocolate brownie. Not my favorite. I think it’s more for an adult.

Score: 8

Judges: Nolan, 6; Olivia, 6; Marlowe, 6; Jordan, 7