Buy-worthy local goods.


Tiffany’s Torcher

Our own Dale Tiffany (yep, Ventura Blvd’s publisher) started growing peppers and making his special flavor-packed condiment a few years back. It earned such rave reviews, he started selling it roadside along Topanga Canyon. Dale has packed so much heavenly heat in the neighborhood, he’s now shipping the sauce (available in four  zesty flavors) around the world. Trust us, once you’ve been torched, you’ll never reach for Sriracha again. Priced from $7. To order call 310-663-4609.


Out of the Box Collective

If there was ever a way to get excited about cooking healthy gourmet fare, Out of the Box Collective has it nailed. This high-end home delivery service (started by a Malibu mom) packages seasonal, local produce, meats and other regional specialties—from spicy rubs to creamy cheeses—and drops them at your doorstep, complete with meal plans and recipes. Boxes priced from $150. outoftheboxcollective.com



Pacific Cheesecake Company

This family-run cheesecake shop recently moved from Glendale to Valley Village. Their loss … our gain. These beautifully decorated gourmet cheesecakes come in a multitude of sizes, but the bakery is famous for their mini-size versions. A bit smaller than a standard size cupcake, they cost $4 each. Among the dozens of flavors: Dulce de Leche, red velvet, salted caramel and white chocolate raspberry. Gluten- and sugar-free available. 4820 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Valley Village, 818-523-2956