Hy Mart Crafts Stellar Armenian Sandwiches

Hy Mart Sandwiches has operated since 1980 in North Hollywood and serves terrific Armenian sandwiches.

“Fusion” has long been considered the F-word in food circles—shorthand for a confusing mash-up of disparate influences. However, considering all the different cultures that merge in the Valley, it makes sense that some people are better equipped to fuse them. Hy Mart Sandwiches, a “Mediterranean fusion” sandwich shop, has thrived in North Hollywood since 1980, including six years at the current location.

George Eshoei and wife Mariam own the restaurant, which also goes by Papa George’s, and Mariam’s sister Nadia Amin runs front of house. The interior features five wood tables, an open kitchen, and avocado- and mustard-colored walls lined with photos from markets, including sacks of olives, cinnamon sticks and ground spices. The menu showcases vegetarian and “carnivorian” sandwiches with pita and soft Armenian rolls.

The Armenian ($8.50) is named for silky stacks of Armenian mortadella that resemble a soft bologna. Accompaniments include basil, parsley, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, salt, pepper, olive oil, mustard, mayo—all served on toasted Armenian roll that’s baked daily. Make sure your sandwich includes Georgi’s Sauce, a tantalizing mix of mayo, mustard and Sriracha, which helps brighten and balance the flavor profile even more.

4795 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood, 818-506-7264

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