It's Open: Studio City's Comoncy Café

Studio City’s Comoncy Café and Coffee Shop is now open in the former Charlie’s Pantry location.

Studio City Community Council cut the red ribbon Thursday morning—but it didn’t seem to matter much, as invitees (as well as anyone who happened to see the event on Facebook) had already piled into Comoncy, the newest resident of the space formerly occupied by Charlie’s Pantry. The Sauce is told that the unusual name is a blend of “commons,” and people's natural tendency to pronounce the word as “come and see.”

 Although the restaurant is open until 9 p.m., menu offerings appear mostly brunchy-lunchy with all-day breakfast, pastries, salads and sandwiches (there are a few pastas and salmon available for dinner). Maybe the place seems more like a morning hangout because there’s so much emphasis on the tasty organic espresso drinks. Mochas and hot chocolate are made with TCHO, a luxury chocolate brand from San Francisco.  

The only taste-test available Thursday was the very organic egg bowl with egg white, quinoa, spinach, chicken, brown rice and salsa.  Bright and healthy-tasting for a Thursday—but if we come back on a Sunday, we’re going for the French toast with Greek yogurt or something that involves the entire egg.

Comoncy has two other locations, in Beverly Hills and Scottsdale, Arizona. Comoncy, 12265 Ventura Blvd. #101, 323-391-2096

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