J’Adore Les Fleurs in Studio City Creates Arrangements in Hat Boxes

Go behind-the-scenes of this family run business.

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    Eliza Glants and Alisa Tovmanyan

Founding J’Adore Les Fleurs wasn’t something that Alisa Tovmanyan and Eliza Glants could have seen coming. They were both on other career paths when they married into a family that ran a florist shop in Glendale. Their mother-in-law kept pushing them to get into the family business.


“At first we didn’t agree with her. I was studying fashion design and Eliza was in law school. We both had different plans,” explains Alisa, who calls Valley Village home. But that changed when the women stumbled upon a fresh concept.

“We wanted to find a way to help our mother-in-law expand her business in Glendale, but we wanted to do something innovative. We noticed that in other parts of the world, like in Russia and Dubai, florists were creating arrangements in containers that resembled hatboxes from the Victorian era. But no one was doing it here in the United States,” says Eliza, who lives in Sherman Oaks.

The duo found a box manufacturing company and a location on the Boulevard and divvied up responsibilities. Alisa and Eliza, both of whom have children, handle the creative aspects of the company and supervise the shops. Their husbands run the business side of the operation. The first J’Adore Les Fleurs opened in 2015.

“We started selling a round hatbox, and that did well, and so then we started offering different shapes like a hexagon, a long rectangle and a square. Clients can choose their box shape and color. Many people do custom arrangements—requesting specific types of flowers—but sometimes people leave it up to us,” Eliza explains.

Alisa and Eliza pride themselves on the high quality of flowers they use and the fact that they eschew inexpensive “fillers” like baby’s breath. On the day we visited in July, the shop was filled with tight, baby rose buds in every hue, plate-size dahlias and bright pink peonies. “Peony season is over, but we know where to get them,” shares Eliza. Arrangement prices start at $125 and delivery to Studio City is free.

The Valley shop was such a hit that their mother-in-law soon changed her florist shop into a J’Adore Les Fleurs outpost. Then a third location was opened in Pacific Palisades. A warehouse in Glendale handles the online orders. (Preserved instead of fresh flowers are used when shipping outside of SoCal.)

Cut to three years and 170,000 Instagram followers later, and J’Adore Les Fleurs is officially on the map.

Ask Alisa to comment on their success and she replies without missing a beat, “The power of flowers is indescribable.”

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