Shrimp Encino

Kickin KAsian Serves Spicy Cajun Asian Seafood in Encino

Kickin KAsian is a spicy, family-run Cajun Asian seafood restaurant that started in Northridge and recently branched out to Encino.

Kickin KAsian is a Cajun Asian restaurant for seafood lovers who don’t mind getting a little messy. Founder Tina Tsai started in Northridge and recently expanded to a more central location on Ventura Boulevard in Encino.

Kickin KAsian sells a lot more fried starters than competitors but specializes in customizable Seafood Boils. When ordering, customers must respond to four simple prompts: 1) What cha feastin’ on? 2) What’s your seasoning? 3) Spice it up! 4) Add ons: Mix It Up!

I ordered “traditional shrimp” with Kickin KAsian seasoning that combined every possible sauce—including secret spice blend, chunky garlic and tangy lemon pepper. Diners can dial up the heat based on how much cayenne they prefer. I added hard-boiled quail eggs and crunchy baby corn.

Kickin KAsian also sells crawfish, Manila clams and green mussels. More luxurious seafood is available by the pound for market prices, including snow crab, King crab, Dungeness crab and lobster.

Each order of seafood arrives in a plastic bag with the sauce. Eat right from the bag or pour the contents onto a table lined with white butcher paper. Wear a plastic big to protect clothes from saucy splatter. Squeeze limes on the seafood for added zing.

The restaurant’s logo depicts a crab wearing a chef’s toque. Kickin KAsian doesn’t take itself so seriously.

17620 Ventura Blvd., Encino, 818-659-7779