Let's Get This Party Started

A farm-fresh summer crudité platter that is as visual as it is delicious.


Whether for cocktails or a sit-down dinner, there is nothing like a terrific ensemble of savory nibbles to kick off a get-together. We asked private chef/caterer Amber Wilson (Instagram @mitsymaddox) to create one of her signature crudité trays, which she describes as “a great way to impress guests with healthy plant-based options—but not disappoint ‘foodie’ friends.”  

Dips include a walnut pesto, curried aioli, creamy bell pepper, olive tapenade and artichoke lemon. “I was looking for salty, savory, herbaceous, sweet, spicy to complement each vegetable. While I might love the roasted potatoes dipped in curry aioli, someone else may prefer them with the red pepper dip. That’s the appeal!” Here is her step-by-step guide for creating one of your own.


1. Roasted cippolini onion

Rub in oil and roast in oven until tender (or buy pickled).

2. Bread Sticks

3. Charred Brussels sprouts

Brush with olive oil and grill, almost burning them. That brings out the natural sugars and gives them that smoky but sweet flavor.

4. Grilled bell peppers

Rub with olive oil, grilled or roast. Peel off skin but leave on some of the char.

5. Platter

Bamboo board, finished with a coffee-based, food-safe stain.  yeticollective.com

6. Marinated red peppers/olives/mushrooms

You can buy all three of these at places like Whole Foods and Gelson’s in their olive/antipasti bar.

7. Blistered cherry tomatoes

Toss in olive oil and heat until they break in one spot. Marinate in aged balsamic vinegar.

8. Rosemary roasted potatoes

Cut into wedges; toss in coconut oil. Season with sea salt, pepper and rosemary. Pan roast.

9. Heirloom carrots

Brush with coconut oil and thyme. Grill over a medium-low heat.

10. Artichoke hearts

Canned artichokes cut in half. Marinate in Italian salad dressing. Sprinkle with dry Italian seasoning.

11. Curry roasted cauliflower

Use purple or yellow heirloom cauliflower. Toss in olive or coconut oil and yellow curry. Salt and roast in 400º oven for 10 minutes.


Amber’s Homemade Dip Recipes

Curry Aioli: Dry yellow curry powder added to vegannaise or mayonnaise with a dash of vinegar and salt.
Bean & Bell Pepper: Puree ½ bell pepper, 1 cup cannelli beans, 1 clove raw garlic, dash of lemon juice, and 2-3 tablespoons olive oil in blender.