Life of Pi

….and other slices we’re
captivated by this fall.

Erik Lundmark

Leomark Studios (Blue Collar Boys)

I’m looking forward to seeing Life of Pi. I love Ang Lee’s visual storytelling style. The Silver Linings Playbook has a fun storyline and a great cast, so I’ll be catching that in theatres too.

I’ve been listening to the score from Hook by John Williams, Letters from Home by guitarist Pat Metheny, and reliving my youth with Machine Head by Deep Purple.


Ana Lucasey

Actress (Secret Life of the American Teenager)
Studio City

I’m reading the novel Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. It follows the real friendships and romances between three young adults while dealing with the futuristic and controversial topic of cloning humans and their civil rights. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking story.
The Staves are a trio of sisters who make magical, indie folk-rock music. Their three voices melt into one, and no matter how fast my brain is working, I can turn on their music and it takes me home.

Ed Feinstein

Senior Rabbi
Valley Beth Shalom

I’m currently reading Coming Apart by Charles Murray and The Price of Inequality by Joseph Stiglitz. Both reflect on the dis-uniting of the United States. What holds us together as a nation is fragile and fraying. We must work to find common cause, shared vision and a new sense of national purpose.
I spent the summer with Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin’s new show on HBO. Sorkin’s rage at the sorry state of American politics and media, channeled through Jeff Daniels’ character, made my summer!