Lighten Up

7 ways to brighten hair for spring

Justin Anderson is the creative director at Studio City’s innovative new salon dpHUE. Think dry bar but for premium color: single-color application is $68, blowouts $25 extra. Yes, you heard that right. Here Justin offers some techniques that he uses on clients like Jennifer Aniston for freshening up hair for the new season.

1. For blondes, go for extra lightness on the ends for a gradual fade into a lot of pop! Make sure highlights are a complementary tone to what you already have.

2. Keep hair darker at the root with lighter streaks that start lower down the hairline, as if the sun were naturally lightening your hair from time on the beach.

3. If you are grey, go blonde instead of dark. It is easier to maintain because (when growing out) the greys don’t stand out as much as they would next to a darker color. Make sure you deep-condition!

4. If you are a bright blonde but you feel washed out (from a skin-tone perspective), try a deeper root shade and then add golden tones back into the hair.

5. For blondes with skin tones that aren’t too pink, consider a strawberry blonde! Über-blonde is a great blank canvas to work with to achieve that gorgeous, very light coppery-red look (think Jessica Chastain).

6. For brunettes, step up the shine by getting a gloss treatment and/or get subtle highlights that are a complementary tone to your base (highlights shouldn’t necessarily be “blonde”).

7. Go red. Be careful to choose the right shade of red for your skin tone and be aware that red is the fastest-fading color. Don’t overdo it with highlights. Keep it simple with a base color and a gloss. Minimize shampoos so the color lasts.