Little Lands Wines on the Best Summer Sips for Your Al Fresco Meals


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When days are long and temperatures high, a chilled bottle of wine is something to look forward to. No one would agree more than Brion Brionson, a veteran bar manager and Tujunga-based oenophile. Brion is the mastermind of Little Lands Wines, a one-man, delivery-only service; he curates incredible natural wines from around the world and drives them to customers. Here Brion shares some of his favorite warm-weather vintages—ranging from sweet to spicy—all of which come with artful labels sure to elicit smiles.

Connect with Brion at or @littlelandswines

Left to right above:

2020, Pinot Blanc Glou-Glou, Jean-Francois Ginglinger
(Alsace, France)

An expressive, alpine pinot blanc—so drinkable, you’ll look down and realize you’ve emptied the bottle. Try it with a salad, though it’s versatile enough to go with any part of a meal.”


2020 Yasmik Red, Yasmik
(Vayots Dzor, Armenia)

Made with the areni grape of Armenia, this quintessential chilled red is a lovely, perfumed, nourishing elixir. Drink it anytime— with a steak, or with fresh fruit and salty, roasted nuts.”


2019 Bedeau Qvevris, Frederic Cossard
(Burgundy, France)

A pinot noir that caresses your palate with a kiss of fruit. Light enough to go with sushi, or cheese and crackers in the park.”


2020, Rosato Anfora, Cantina Giardino
(Campania, Italy)

Not a rosé, not a red, but a rosato—it’s a category all its own in other parts of the world. This one is a little savory, a little spicy, great for any fun occasion; think a pizza party or ice cream social.”


2020 Bardos, Hatch Cider
(Sonoma, California)

Made from foraged wild apples in Sonoma, it’s dry, healthy tasting and has a tannic grip from the compounds in the apple skins. Great on its own, as an aperitivo.”


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