Making Over Mommy

With two recent pregnancies and a brand-new nursing degree, a busy Valley mom sought help to up her game—with stunning results.

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    Laura L. Watts
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    Matthew Cooke & Tameka Jacobs

When he was a young boy, Andrew Cohen would often accompany his father, a general surgeon, on his weekend medical rounds. As a teen he had the opportunity to view his father perform a mastectomy surgery. “When the plastic surgeon completed the surgery and made everything look beautiful, at that moment I was hooked,” Dr. Cohen shares about how he chose his career as a board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon.

Today Dr. Cohen specializes in breast surgery, body contouring, facial surgery and the popular Mommy Makeover. He and his staff take time with each patient to listen to their concerns and help them achieve their goals. “Patients always tell us that they love coming to my office, and that is the best compliment of all! This is thanks to my staff—Jamie, Isabel and Jill—who are involved in all aspects of each procedure and the healing process.”

Linda, a recent patient, agrees. “I love Dr. Cohen!” she exclaims. “I’m eternally grateful for his amazing work, his care and his staff. I was grateful that all the staff were comforting and gave me peace of mind with any concerns I had.”

A busy mom of two young children, Linda had recently finished nursing school. Unhappy with her appearance and the toll two pregnancies had taken on her body—a flabby tummy, droopy breasts and stretch marks—she was feeling the burden of low self-esteem. She asked around and heard about Dr. Cohen—and liked what she heard. At her initial consultation with the doctor, she knew she wanted him to be her surgeon.

“His bedside manner was great, and his work was exactly what I was looking for,” she shares. “I knew I could trust him with my Mommy Makeover because he was extremely knowledgeable, and I could sense the passion he has for his work.”

“She clearly had been wanting this surgery for quite some time, and it was just about finding the office and surgeon who was the right fit for her,” explains Dr. Cohen. “I’m glad she chose us to bring on the change she has been wanting.”

The doctor and his team went above and beyond to prepare Linda for the procedure. “Dr. Cohen was always transparent with me,” she says. “He explained to me my expected results, how the surgery would go, how long it would be. He provided plenty of reading material and let me know that I could reach him or his staff any time if I had any questions or concerns.”

Dr. Cohen’s comprehensive, holistic approach addresses the whole body—with the goal of achieving a natural look no matter what the procedure. “Surgery is just one component of our approach,” says the doctor, who exercises daily and often runs 10K races, half-marathons and sprint triathlons. “Food, exercise and vitamins are part of the preoperative plan for all of my patients. All of these factors play an equally important part in the healing process. We have great nutrition and exercise resources for our patients.”

Linda’s surgery went smoothly, and she was immediately in love with her results—proudly displaying her before-and-after photos to friends and family. “I was very emotional; I was in disbelief for a little while initially. I couldn’t believe I had a super nice, flat tummy! I was so happy and excited.”

As it does for so many of Dr. Cohen’s patients, the Mommy Makeover made a tremendous impact on Linda’s life. She no longer dreads shopping for new clothes or looking in the mirror, and her self-esteem has skyrocketed. “I actually feel great about my body and am so excited to show it off!” she exclaims.

Several months post-surgery, her praise for Dr. Cohen and his team is glowing. “I was expecting the process to be a lot tougher, but my recovery is going great. For anyone out there wanting to get a Mommy Makeover, I highly recommend you go to Dr. Cohen.”

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