Mix it Up

Tired of your own cooking? Three ways to expand your repertoire.

Farm to Doorstep

Why not take a break and let Freshology deliver tasty, calorie-controlled meals right to your doorstep? The delivery service partners with local farms for fresh produce. With really inventive recipes they create nutrient-dense, healthy, whole foods without losing a keen focus on taste. Plans include gluten-free, postnatal and weight loss, as well as our fave, Freshology Gold. How could you possibly go wrong with meals like Creole-style shrimp Caesar salad, Parmesan flaxseed tuille and chicken andouille sausage? And if that doesn’t fill you up, there is always the white chocolate raspberry mousse for dessert. freshology.com


School Week

Take a cooking class at the Wellness Kitchen at California Health & Longevity Institute. Learn how to eat healthy with inventive recipes, nutritious ingredients and the perfect wine pairings with the Wine Wednesday class: dinner with a lecture and Q&A with a nutritionist and a wine expert. Or discover dishes that are made with local, fresh, sustainable produce at Farm-to-Fork Fridays: cooking demonstration followed by a communal dining experience. With both classes, recipes are your take-home gift. chli.com


Taste of India

Order the Kitchen Curry Master, which includes a recipe book filled with gorgeous photos of authentic, gluten-free Indian dishes (we loved the tutorial on spices in the very beginning; turmeric is part of the ginger family—who knew?) and an aroma-preserving, brushed steel container packed with fragrant, fresh spices. There are even a few refills. The kit is the brainchild of Patel Williams (a.k.a. “Neena”), who lives in the Valley.