New 118 Degrees, Tarzana: Too Good to be Vegan

Three partners make healthy eating their business at Tarzana’s 118 Degrees.

Not only is Tarzana’s 2-week-old 118 Degrees restaurant vegan—it’s raw vegan (except for the quinoa, which is cooked unless otherwise specified). Dairy-free, soy-free, wheat-free. Nothing heated above 118º to maintain nutrients. Really, is this any way to treat The Sauce at lunchtime?

As it turns out—yes. The “plant-based living food” at this fresh, new Ventura Boulevard bistro (note the whimsical artificial turf on seating benches) is as tasty as it looks. Inventive dishes prepared by chef/author Jenny Ross (business partners with actress-turned-naturopath Sharyn Wynters and entrepreneur Annie Carradine) leave you feeling not only spin-class healthy but also satisfied.

Slightly chewy dehydrated grains (buckwheat, flax) stand in for the usual corn chips or tortillas in Mexican dishes, and nut-based cheeses and sour cream allow for rich-tasting lasagna and stuffed mushroom caps. “Organic and biodynamic” wines are on the menu, as well as fruit and vegetable smoothies and juice blends. 118 Degrees also offers meal plans and educational events to spread the word on plant-based eating.

And, well, it’s all just so pretty. Take a look:

18636 Ventura Boulevard, 818-660-1118. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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