Pascal Patisserie Brings European Pastries to Woodland Hills

Bruno Pascal Marcy and partner Sara Geller serve European-style pastries at Pascal Patisserie in Woodland Hills.

Bruno Pascal Marcy and Sara Geller brought a touch of glamour to a Woodland Hills strip mall when they opened Pascal Patisserie alongside a karate studio, flooring company and Flooky’s legendary hot dog, burger and sandwich counter. Pascal Patisserie sports a white and tan front and contains wood tables, yellow and white walls, a fully loaded counter and cases bursting with sweets.

Breakfast pastries are the first items you’ll see. Muffins come in flavors like banana and walnut cinnamon. Croissants are buttery, flaky and—if you time it right—still warm from the oven. Chocolate croissants featuring molten batons are justly popular. Pascal also serves Danishes, rugelach and whole chocolate babkas.

Tarts are a particular strength, with variations like crème brûlée, French apple, passion fruit and fresh fruit with mixed berries, kiwi and mango. Individual cakes sport high design and come in flavors like pistachio spice, three-layer chocolate and mille-feuille. Chocolates baubles look like they belong in jewelry stores, with domes, discs and triangles available in flavors like passion fruit, Key lime, cherry and Champagne. The bakery’s prowess extends to candy-colored macarons in flavors like cassis and lemon.

For lunch, you’ll also find sandwiches on crusty bread, including fillings like roasted vegetables and carne asada, frittata, tuna salad and oven-roasted turkey. Each sandwich comes with a simple house salad dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.

21040 Victory Blvd., Unit A, Woodland Hills, 818-712-9375

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