Pho Sure

NoHo Arts District welcomes a signature Vietnamese noodle soup restaurant.

NoHo Arts District consistently displays some of the Valley’s strongest diversity. Now the thriving neighborhood, which is sprouting mixed-use developments at a rapid pace, has added a signature Vietnamese noodle soup restaurant. Jay Oh and her chef mother, who just goes by Mom, previously ran two pho restaurants in Valencia. Pho NoHo is their first Valley foray—at the base of a glass, concrete and steel complex that will soon add a branch of Whole Foods Market 365.

Pho Seafood ($9.99 small, $12.99 large) is particularly novel, featuring shrimp, mussels and fish balls bobbing in a choice of beef or veggie broth. The family also serves variations on beef and chicken pho. “House special” combines beef meatballs, beef tripe, beef brisket, rare rib-eye and beef tendon. Other possible fillings include oxtail, chicken breast or a vegetarian mix of broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, tofu, fried tofu and seaweed. You can also order pho “plain” that simply includes scallions and onions—but unless you’re a CrossFit fanatic, you might as well choose something more substantial.

If you’re willing to stray from the bowl, noodle and rice dishes and rolls (egg or spring) are all in play. To drink, Pho NoHo serves boba smoothies, slushes and teas, or Vietnamese iced coffee made with grounds from the famed New Orleans beignet shop Café du Monde.

5077 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 818-985-7000

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