Pizza Party

A tried-and-true teen favorite—a large cheese pizza—gets put to the test with home delivery by four Valley eateries, rating each on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Judges:

Ruby Schiff, 16, Oakwood School
Claire Sliney, 16, Oakwood School
Avery Siegel, 16, Oakwood School
Ellen Cooper, 17, Notre Dame High School


Pepe’s NY Pizza 

This pizza place with two locations in Studio City was neck-and-neck with Joe Peep’s NY Pizza and Pagliacci’s, so we had to involve the teenagers’ parents to break the tie. All three parents preferred the slice from Pepe’s. Priced at almost $19, Pepe’s pizza was the most expensive and largest pie of the group. It was also the only one with delivery included. All our judges raved about the thin crust and thought the cheese-to-sauce ratio was perfect.

RS: Love the ratio of tomato-to-cheese-to-crust. The perfect thickness. Aesthetically pleasing.
CS: A little flimsy, but I like that the cheese and sauce are cohesive.
AS: It looked a bit too saucy in the box, but tasted lighter.
EC: A very traditional, New York-style pizza, although it did seem a bit greasy.
Large, 20-inch, $18.99 plus tax, free delivery. 11946 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, 818-358-2233,
Score: 7.25


Joe Peep’s NY Pizza 

This is Joe Peep’s signature, decadent pie that boasts “5,969” calories with a fluffy crust, thin center and homemade sauce. Diners can also opt for half the cheese or the “blue collar” version with no crust. All loved the presentation and thought it looked “fancier” than the other pizzas.

RS: Very flavorful with the perfect amount of sauce, although a little greasy and thicker than I like.
CS: Amazing crust, love the oregano. Looked so cheesy and warm, I wanted to eat it instantly.
AS: Lots of sauce, a nice amount of cheese and a very flavorful crust.
EC: Looked nice with the spices on the crust. But too much cheese for me.
Large, 16-inch, $14.99 plus tax, $2.62 delivery fee (depends on distance). 12460 Magnolia Boulevard, Valley Village, 818-506-4133,
Score: 7



We ordered from the fast-casual Studio City location (there is also a full-service restaurant nearby). All gave the thumbs-up to the thin crust and the ample amount of cheese. A consensus only a teenage group could come up with: This would make the best pizza to eat cold the next day.

RS: It looks appetizing and freshly prepared, but not enough flavor.
CS: Cheesy, so I’m loving the presentation; not enough tomato.
AS: Crunchy crust with light tomato sauce, but a little thin for me.
EC: A very neat-looking pizza with a lot of cheese, but it wasn’t too greasy. Could have been a little more tomato sauce.
Large, 16-inch, $13.95 plus tax, $3 delivery. 3990 Vantage Avenue, Studio City, 818-766-2515,
Score: 6.75



This was the lowest-priced pie but the smallest of all the pizzas ordered. All agreed that this pizza would not be good cold.

RS: Flavorful, but too rich and cheesy.
CS: My 6-year-old self would’ve loved this, but now it is too overwhelming. One bite made me full.
AS: Pleasing to the eye, but the crust didn’t seem fully cooked.
EC: Too much thick cheese; the crust is soggier than the other pizzas.
Large, 14-inch, $12.95 plus tax, $3 delivery. 11928 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, 818-980-0008,
Score: 3.5