Preview Oh Man! Ramen at Scratch|Bar

Chefs Phillip Frankland Lee and Luke Reyes preview potential Oh Man! Ramen menu items at Scratch|Bar & Kitchen in Encino on June 6.

Ever since Phillip Frankland Lee advanced deep into Top Chef season 13, anything the chef touches has generated extra attention. Valley denizens are certainly geared up for Oh Man! Ramen, the modern ramen parlor he’s opening with fellow chef Luke Reyes in the same Encino plaza as Scratch|Bar & Kitchen by late summer 2016. Get an early taste of five potential Oh Man! Ramen menu items at Scratch|Bar & Kitchen on June 6. 

The five menu items for June 6 are as follows:

  • Tonkotsu Pork Ramen with braised pork belly, confit shoulder, bamboo shoot, green onion, soft egg, shiitakes, bonito flakes – $16
  • King Crab Dynamite "Monsieur" with brioche, sunny egg – $17
  • Scallop Sashimi and Shaved Asparagus with avocado, radishes, kumquat kosho, shoyu – $16
  • Salmon Sashimi with grapes, daikon, peanuts, fish sauce vinaigrette, nori chip – $14
  • Chilled Spicy Ramen Noodles with P.E.I. mussels, yuba, fermented chili oil, scallion, ginger – $16

Phillip and Luke have positive views of these dishes, but as Phillip says, “Part of the process of opening a new restaurant is that some things might sound good on paper but not work out when we try to make them.” No matter the menu item, he continues, "First and foremost, a dish has to be delicious to appear on the menu. If it isn't delicious it doesn't matter what other criteria it hits." 

Luke adds, “I've been running through the many Japanese dishes I've eaten over the years and seeing how I could recreate them, while not specifically copying them directly. Whether that be using different ingredients or cooking methods, the final dish I'm making should remind you of that Japanese dish but be my interpretation of it.” He anticipates complaints about “lack of authenticity,” but they stand by their versions.

Luke and Phillip previously previewed Oh Man! Ramen’s vegan and vegetarian focused dishes at sister restaurant The Gadarene Swine on May 22. They will showcase additional items on El Chavo’s patio in Silver Lake on May 29 starting at 5 p.m.

16101 Ventura Blvd., Encino​

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