Blazing Saddles Indoor Cycling

Blazing Saddles Indoor Cycling is a community-based Spinning studio offering high-energy, low-impact indoor cycling classes for all ages and fitness levels. Co-owners Shirley O’Connor and Steve O’Connor were known for having founded and nurtured a successful, independently owned yoga studio in the Valley, and co-owner Susan Schwartz was an accomplished and respected personal trainer and spinning instructor in Los Angeles when the three joined forces and founded Blazing Saddles Indoor Cycling in 2011.

“Our business is built on three words: Community. Courage. Commitment.”

What would you like potential clients to know about you?

“We’ve got outstanding instructors, great music, a killer sound system and a very clean space—all in a judgment-free environment!”

What are some typical reasons people attend classes at your studio?

“We get people looking to lose weight, stay healthy, clear their heads and burn off stress. People spin to feel good about themselves—inside and out.”

What is the slogan or mission statement of your business?

“Our business is built on three words: Community. Courage. Commitment.”

What’s your best advice to someone who’s trying to get motivated?

“Spin with a friend, co-worker, or a family member. That really helps you stay com-mitted. At Blazing Saddles that group around you is not your competition; it’s your motivation.”

How do you give back to the community?

“We believe strongly in supporting our friends and neighbors. We donate to all our local schools, and we’ve held fundraisers for disabled kids, animal shelters, the Breast Cancer Walk and for TreePeople. We once held a one-day event that raised more than $42,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.”

In a competitive fitness environment, how do you account for your longevity?

“Everyone’s looking for a gimmick in this industry. We pride ourselves that our gimmick is that we have no gimmick. We offer a proven product, terrific instructors, meticulously maintained equipment and a great atmosphere.”

What’s the key to having such loyal clients at Blazing Saddles?

“Our secret is that we live here. We’re immersed in our community. We see you at Trader Joe’s, at local restaurants. It’s all about those deeper connections. We’re not just a studio you pop in and out of—unless that’s what you want. But there is an opportunity for more within our walls.”