Central Care Pharmacy & Anti-Aging Center

Central Care Pharmacy & Anti-Aging Center offers customized testing and anti-aging protocols designed specifically for each patient’s individual needs. Owned by Tihana Skaricic, PharmD, better known as Dr. T, the pharmacy has served the Los Angeles area—as well as patients from around the globe via Skype consultations—for more than 14 years. Dr. T is an advanced practice pharmacist, board-certified in integrative medicine, bio-identical hormones and travel medicine. She is married and has two sons, Dante and Dali.

“We are here to help you achieve a more youthful and energetic balanced life!”

What would you like new patients to know about you?

“I always wanted to create an environment unlike any chain pharmacy. Every patient is unique. We’ll do anything above and beyond to have that patient thrive, feel good and get the medicine, appropriate test or supplements they need. The best reward is when they come in for a follow-up appointment saying, ‘Dr. T, you changed my life.’”

Describe the atmosphere of Central Care.

“I was born in Croatia, so I wanted to create a European-style pharmacy with a cozy Zen feel, complete with special touches including tea or cappuccino, candles, music and an infrared sauna used as part of our weight loss program. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel a totally comforting vibe with an aroma of essential oils filling the room. All of our staff, including Dr. Siavash, Matt, Eddie, Nancy, David and Abdel, are enthusiastic and helpful. You can feel their energy; it is truly contagious!”

Tell us about some of the treatments you offer.

“Central Care Pharmacy (CCP) offers hormone saliva testing and bio-identical hormone compounding, food allergy and DNA genetic testing, with consultations and custom-made protocols to get you into optimal health. For world travelers, CCP provides medicine you will need during the trip.”

Do you practice preventative medicine?

“Yes! The American health care system should focus on wellness not sickness! We want to keep you healthy and thriving by offering the most comprehensive testing and protocols using pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Age is just a number, but it does get harder after 35. We are here to help you achieve a more youthful and energetic balanced life!”