Contour Room Inc.

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    Aleksandra Turlure

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    4910 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 212, Sherman Oaks

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    Shoots and Giggles

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    Spa, Beauty & Fitness

Contour Room, formerly known as Endermologie Body Sculpting, was created by Aleksandra Turlure nine years ago. The center specializes in noninvasive skin conditioning, wellness and fitness recovery-enhancing services. Aleksandra has worked in the beauty industry for more than 17 years.

“Contour Room Inc. offers high-tech European treatments that enhance your beauty and wellness in a noninvasive manner.”

Describe your business.

“Contour Room Inc. offers high-tech European treatments that enhance your beauty and wellness in a noninvasive manner. Most of the technology was originally designed for therapy and recovery from injuries and surgery, but over the years it has become widely used in the beauty industry.”

Tell us about the services you offer.

“I pride myself on having selected the best tech in non-invasive beauty and wellness enhancement for the body and face. We started out offering endermologie, a skin rolling treatment. A few years later I added LED to reduce inflammation and improve the look of loose, crippled skin. Next came my infrared sauna pod, Ballancer Pro lymphatic drainage system and the Z-Wave, which is an acoustic machine for fluid mobilization. Most recently we’ve added facial technology: CooLifting, Dermatude, OxyGeneo.”

What common conditions do you help with?

“I don’t ‘treat’—rather I bring back the balance to the skin. We reinforce proper functioning of the lymphatic system and blood circulation; help balance water retention; stimulate your own skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin; and reinforce metabolism of fat. People usually come to me because of complaints of cellulite, aging skin and heavy legs. Some clients are also referred to me by their doctors after liposuction or other more invasive body contouring treatments, or due to toxic mold syndrome.”

How do you maintain your own health, beauty and fitness?

“I have always been an active person. I go to the gym to keep my body in shape, and since moving to Los Angeles from New York I have been going on random hikes whenever I can. I do weekly sauna sessions and get lymphatic treatments with my Ballancer as often as I can. I follow an anti-inflammatory diet and get myofascial release every 10 days and chiropractic adjustments every two weeks. I do not consider myself a health nut, but I am interested in a healthy, pain-free lifestyle … and hey, if these things help me look good too, I will be happy. Balance is key.”