Eco Landscape
Design & Build

Tell us about your business. 

Eco Landscape is a full-service landscaping firm that brings 20+ years of custom design and installation experience to residential projects in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Our mission is to collaborate with our clients from concept to completion, creating modern landscapes that complement and enhance their homes. We strive to create beautiful, functional and relaxing outdoor living spaces that inspire our clients to spend more time outside and provide them with a sanctuary away from everyday chaos. We specialize in drought-tolerant gardens that look beautiful year-round and are easy to maintain. 

Describe your ideal working relationship between you and your clients.

Mutual respect, trust and clear communication create the most ideal working relationships with our clients and allow us to do our best work. From setting a clear aesthetic and design direction during the design phase to communicating the small adjustments that inevitably need to be made during the build, we build a trust with each client that allows us to do what we do best. This is always the formula for the most successful working relationships and also the best results. 

What is your hallmark when renovating a landscape? 

Eco Landscape’s signature style is modern simplicity in design, material palettes and plant selections. Limiting the number of different materials we use allows our landscapes to become visually relaxing and thoughtfully designed. Although it can be challenging at times, less is always more. 

What is Eco Landscape’s silver bullet? 

We have two! The first is the unique synergy between the designer and builder (who are married) and our crew, all of whom have been with us for 10+ years. Being a design-build firm allows us to design with the builder’s input and build with the designer’s guidance. Our crew understands our design vision, and they bring a level of expertise that improves every aspect of our installations.

The second is our ability to design and execute landscapes that not only bring to life our clients’ goals but also meet their budget expectations. There is nothing worse than a landscape design that never gets executed because it does not fit with the clients’ goals or budget. We strive to design landscapes that will get built and that people will enjoy for many years.

Photographed by Innis Casey