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    Elliot M. Hirsch, MD

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    Tricia, nurse injector; Dr. Hirsch; Jo, aesthetician

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    Beauty & Wellness

Dr. Elliot Hirsch practices plastic and reconstructive surgery and has a full-service med spa on-site offering nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures such as Botox and other fillers; chemical peels and facial treatments; lasers; and PRP to reduce wrinkles, add volume and work in conjunction with other treatments. Dr. Hirsch specializes in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery including microsurgical and other forms of complex breast reconstruction, breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast implant removal and revision. He performs several cosmetic surgery procedures that can enhance patients’ aesthetic appearances including breast augmentation, body contouring after massive weight loss, and facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Hirsch grew up in Westlake Village and attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, followed by the Keck School of Medicine of USC. He completed his integrated plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hirsch is an active researcher in the field of plastic surgery. He has worked as a surgeon for 17 years and opened his practice in 2014.

Dr. Hirsch has coauthored more than 40 manuscripts and book chapters, has received several grants for original research projects, and holds patents for wound care devices. He was named to the Top Doctors in Los Angeles list by Los Angeles magazine and the Super Doctors Rising Stars list every year since 2017.

Share a simple fix for appearing more refreshed and relaxed.

I can’t stress enough the importance of never leaving the house without sunblock for all of us living in Southern California. There are some really great medical-grade sunblocks out there that have additional ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and antiaging benefits that can boost our skin’s glow in addition to protecting it from the sun’s dangerous rays. Some of our favorite brands that we sell in our office also have a nice glowy tint to them, so you don’t need to layer on foundation or lotions before you leave the house every day.

What are the most popular therapies and services you offer?

When people come to our med spa for laser skin care treatments or aesthetician services, they are often expecting immediate results—wanting wrinkles to disappear and skin to look smoother overnight. One of our favorite expressions is that doing skin treatments is like working out with a trainer—you won’t see the results after your first session, but after a few treatments you realize how much better your skin looks. And it just keeps getting better after each treatment. One of our favorite treatments is microneedling with BB Glow. This treatment goes beyond normal microneedling by adding semipermanent pigments to the mix to tint the complexion. Patients can see some immediate results, and the skin just gets better with every following treatment. 

What products do your patients like most?

We developed a skin care line called ORÁ Rx to meet the needs of our patients looking for medical-grade skin care that soothes, renews and protects their skin. Patients love our HA Calming Balm and HA Soothing Serum post-surgery and post-procedure.

How do you ensure that you live a balanced life?

I am an avid surfer and snowboarder in my free time. Anytime I get out of surgery early, I head to the beach to catch some waves. I love snowboarding in Mammoth or Tahoe with my kids—spending time on the mountain all together. I also help out with my son’s baseball team. It’s very important to me that my staff and I have work-life balance, so no one works weekends or late hours. 

What are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for my family, of course, but now that it finally feels like we are emerging from the pandemic, I am grateful that our kids’ lives are starting to resemble more pre-pandemic normalcy without school, activity and friend disruptions. I don’t think anyone will take the joys of chauffeuring our kids around town for granted again.

How does the ambience of your office and med spa make patients more comfortable?

We love when patients walk into our office and say it doesn’t look like a doctor’s office. We have really cozy armchairs, soothing music and a big candy bowl. It is very important to us that the first faces our patients are greeted with at our office are friendly and reassuring. Our staff members work hard to cultivate relationships with our patients so they can help walk them through the whole surgical process and help them choose med spa services. Our treatment rooms look like an upscale spa, which puts patients at ease.

What is your favorite holiday food?

I love being in charge of the turkey for Thanksgiving. I brine it overnight in a mixture I make with salt and herbs, and then I stuff it with lemon, rosemary and onions before I cook it. We always have potato rolls and homemade cranberry sauce, and my wife has been experimenting with different types of Studio City Farmers Market sweet potatoes in her sweet potato puree recipe the last few years. She also makes the best pecan pie, and we have been trying some new cranberry margarita recipes for this year’s festivities.