Esthetic Professionals

Father/daughter dental team Dr. Bruce Crispin and Dr. Kristi Crispin and their team at Esthetic Professionals offer patient-focused dentistry in a state-of the-art facility. Dr. Bruce and Dr. Kristi are both accredited dentists in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (out of only 400 worldwide), and they participate in extensive continuing education. Dr. Bruce is a board-certified prosthodontist and renowned lecturer. Dr. Kristi is a lecturer, general dentist and co-director of Esthetic Professionals Education Center with Dr. Bruce.

“For us, nothing beats listening when it comes to making a patient feel at ease.”

What do your patients love about you?

“When patients visit our facility, they feel like more than just patients. We try to make them feel like family—listening to their needs first and foremost. Once we feel we really understand what’s important to them, we educate them on the issues and provide an individual plan for their treatment, as well as the tools and knowledge to maintain their overall oral health in the long term.”

What are your top tips for patients?

“Oral health remains a lifelong process. So first and foremost, be consistent!  That means yearly visits to the dentist for exams, X-rays as well as oral cancer screening. We suggest having your teeth cleaned professionally every three to six months. For home care, we recommend an electric toothbrush and flossing regularly.”

What steps do you take to help your patients feel at ease at office?

“For us, nothing beats listening when it comes to making a patient feel at ease. Every patient is different, and every patient has their own story. So we like to know what’s on their mind first before we tell them what we think. This is the only way to truly understand their needs and, hopefully, exceed their expectations.”

How do you keep up with the latest in the field of dentistry?

“In addition to our involvement with various professional organizations, our facility also houses a state-of-the-art teaching center and full-service laboratory. In fact, almost every Friday and Saturday we welcome dentists from all over the country to learn the very latest clinical procedures, practice with the latest dental materials and discover the latest advancements in the field. We also regularly host guest lecturers who present and discuss their specific expertise with our students. We have found this invaluable to helping us remain at the very forefront of dentistry.”

Tell us about the ambience of your office.

“One the most important objectives we strive to achieve is a patient’s overall comfort, which means we want you to feel relaxed. Ambience plays a critical role in that regard. We have a spacious lobby, comfortable seating, and you’ll even find several signed guitars on the walls. We also serve gourmet coffee and tea, and we provide blankets and dental chairs with heat and massage functions.”

Do you offer chair-side comforts for patients to enjoy during their treatment?

“We prioritize our patients’ overall comfort, and that goes beyond office ambience.  Each of our dental chairs features the latest computerized injection systems, head and massage functions and satellite TV. But most importantly, we personalize our care to each patient’s individual needs. At the end of the day, we find that this is what provides them the greatest level of comfort.”

How does your membership in professional organizations benefit patients?

“We love dentistry because it’s a dynamic profession, and it’s always changing. Mem- bership in professional organizations enables us to keep up with the latest trends in the field. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association are a few organizations of which we are active members. We have often found that their insight and influence helps make us better doctors, which ultimately makes for happier patients.”

Tell us about your team.

“Because our patients are our top priority, we take great care to train our staff to be the very best at what they do. This is the only way to ensure that every patient gets the care and attention they deserve.”

What do you love to do for fun?

“Dr. Bruce Crispin has been married for 52 years, loves to play guitar, golf, boat and spend time with his wife, Vicky, and family. Dr. Kristi Crispin has been married for 13 years and has two children. She loves skiing, spending time with her husband and children and TRX, among other sports.”