George Ouzounian

A licensed broker and seasoned real estate investor, George Ouzounian has worked in the industry for two decades. Prior to securing his real estate license, he spent years as a mortgage broker. This experience gives him the ability to quickly run numbers for his clients and accurately assess all sides of a deal. George specializes in residential real estate and manages a high-volume team at The Agency. He is also experienced in short sales, loan modifications, foreclosure litigation, construction and investment properties. 

What are the top traits that make a great business leader?

A great leader inspires others with a clear vision, communicates effectively to align everyone toward common goals, and demonstrates empathy to understand and support the team. They uphold ethical standards, adapt to changing circumstances, are decisive and manage emotions. They can empower others while demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges to strategically drive long-term success.

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest personal achievement has been raising a happy and healthy family, prioritizing quality time with them and creating lasting memories together, while professionally it’s been leading my team to achieve record-breaking sales.

How do you build connections in your work?

Building connections in business, especially in real estate, is paramount. I foster these connections by actively engaging in networking events, leveraging social media platforms to showcase expertise, interacting with industry peers, nurturing referrals through excellent service and communication, and always prioritizing personalized outreach to build trust and rapport with individuals. These efforts not only expand my network but also cultivate lasting relationships essential for success in the industry.

How do you find time to fit it all in?

Finding time to manage various aspects of life—including a busy real estate career, family obligations and personal pursuits—requires disciplined time management and prioritization. I allocate my time efficiently by setting clear goals, establishing daily schedules, delegating tasks when possible and utilizing productivity tools.