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The Tolbert Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness is a state-of-the-art medical facility specializing in nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures to help people enjoy long-term pain relief. The mission of founder Glenna Tolbert, MD, and her team is to help patients identify the root cause of their chronic pain in order to restore their quality of life and wellness and enhance their ability to function.

How do you help patients improve their healthy habits?

We understand that everyone is unique, so we tailor each health plan to patients’ individual genetic makeup and metabolism. We provide ongoing support and coaching to help them stay on track with their program. Our focus on regenerative medicine sets us apart. Through the use of our exercise lab, nutrition guidance, hormone therapy, pain procedures and cellular therapy like PRP and stem cells, we help patients find healing without the need for surgery or pills. We also perform traditional steroid injections, epidurals, nerve blocks, and opiod weaning for pain and arthritis. 

We believe that everyone has the power to heal, and we work to identify the root cause of chronic pain rather than relying on medication or surgery as a quick fix. By combining personalized care with cutting-edge regenerative medicine, we help clients achieve their health goals and live their best lives.

How do you care for seniors?

We specialize in providing care for seniors and those who will one day be seniors. As my grandmother used to say, “Take care of your body when it’s young, and it will take care of you when it’s old.” That’s why we encourage patients of all ages to prioritize prevention and performance programs. Our goal is to help seniors and those approaching their golden years enjoy optimal health and quality of life.

Any “wise words” you’d like to share?

At the Tolbert Center, we believe that your body was made to heal. Your immune system plays a crucial role in your ability to fight infections, manage chronic diseases and achieve optimal health after trauma. While no one is completely immune to illnesses like COVID-19 or RSV, correcting micronutrient and hormone deficiencies can slow down disease progression and help prevent future injury. That’s why we offer DNA-based micronutrient testing with all of our executive physicals. These tests measure levels of more than 35 nutritional components, including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids within our white blood cells, which fight infection. By evaluating your gut health, exposure to environmental toxins and more, we can identify potential deficiencies and help you optimize your health.

Photographed by Thomas Cunningham IV