Greg Armbrister

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    The Wesley School 

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The Wesley School is a coeducational K–8 independent day school established in 1999.  Associate head of academics Greg Armbrister will become the new head of school starting with the 2024–2025 academic year. Greg has worked in education for 35 years and joined Wesley in 2022.

What are the biggest challenges for your school right now?

The biggest challenges to our school right now are similar to those facing all independent schools. Our children and colleagues face wellness challenges and mental stresses that are unprecedented. All of us in education—regardless of role—are by necessity navigating a demanding learning curve to effectively provide what our communities need. At Wesley, we focus on intentionality and community to implement an effective and supportive experience for those in need. If one were to ask others about The Wesley School, they would consistently hear about the strength and warmth of the community and how teachers feel valued, parents feel connected, and children are known and celebrated. These qualities have strengthened our school even during challenging times.

How do you prioritize team culture?

Prioritizing team culture begins with authentically putting it at the front of your leadership efforts. Understanding the nature of the colleagues with whom you build relationships and create a shared vision is critically important, and every teammate needs to understand how their contributions are integral to the success of the whole. Listening rather than speaking, demonstrating to people that you see them as they really are, and working tirelessly to be sure that each team member is in the best position to be successful establishes a true collective sense of purpose and belonging.

Describe a recent happening that restored your faith in humanity.

One of the blessings of working with children is that each day provides myriad opportunities to find faith and optimism. Wesley students contribute to their communities through Relay For Life, Heal the Bay and Run for a Cause; shifting to reusable instead of plastic utensils; and bonding with class “buddies” for in-house mentoring. If we give youngsters the requisite structure, guidance and opportunity, our global outlook may be more promising than many think.

Photographed by Jeffrey Fiterman