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Above L to R: Ziv Gabay, Angel Salvador, Stephen Sweeney, Trevor C. Wright; Not pictured: Scott A. Rosenthal


Founded in 2020 by husband-and-wife duo Branden and Rayni Williams, The Beverly Hills Estates is a real estate brokerage that provides its client base of celebrities, Fortune 500 executives and government officials with door-to-door, white-glove concierge service. The firm’s agents represent buyers and sellers from Malibu, Trousdale Estates, Los Feliz and the Valley. Here, real estate agents Ziv Gabay, Angel Salvador, Stephen Sweeney, Trevor Wright and Scott Rosenthal share with us why they are passionate about the field of real estate.

What inspired you to pursue a career in real estate?

Scott: I have a deep-rooted passion for being of service and helping people achieve their dreams. Helping buyers find the perfect home and assisting sellers in achieving their financial goals are deeply rewarding to me, making this an incredibly fulfilling career.

Ziv: I’ve always had a connection to great design and the various architectural styles of Southern California homes. I grew up around construction. When I was able to merge that with my passion for making deals and finding opportunities for my clients, I knew I was in the right arena.

What advice would you give your younger self just starting out in business?

Angel: Real estate is a career of consistency and longevity. If you do something consistently and long enough, you will succeed. Don’t give up. Also, I always tell young agents that money is a byproduct of good service. Provide good service, and the money will come.

Share a significant accomplishment in your career. 

Stephen: The most significant milestone in my career was having the honor to represent Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz on their purchase of the Razor House in La Jolla for $20.8 million. This caliber of clientele comes with many advisors (business managers, attorneys, etc.), which can prove challenging to navigate. It showed me how important it is to be furiously involved in every aspect of the deal so you have the full understanding of what is going on at all times, as well as the importance of a smooth transaction so that all the pressures and frustrations of a deal lean on my shoulders instead of my clients’.

Have you had mentors who influenced your career? 

Trevor: Branden Williams, owner of The Beverly Hills Estates, taught me what hard work and dedication really mean. The most crucial thing is knowledge; the more you know, the better off you are. Being humble and always keeping my drive are what get me going—looking at every opportunity as fresh and fun.

What does success mean to you?

Scott: Success often takes time, so be patient and persistent in your pursuits. Never doubt what you’re capable of accomplishing in your lifetime. Enjoy the journey and make sure to celebrate your achievements along the way, as that creates momentum. Everyone is on their own journey, so don’t compare yours to others. Lastly, always give back and make a positive impact on society.

Why are you considered a go-to person in the community?

Ziv: My real estate mentor nicknamed me “The Deal Hunter.” I have a knack for identifying sleepy deals and turning them into opportunities for my clients. In addition, I know how to bridge deals creatively and negotiate strongly on my clients’ behalf.

Stephen: I truly look at myself as an advisor and want my clients to buy the right product at the right number. Due to my extensive network of builders and developers, I have a strong hold on the off-market/coming-soon inventory. This business is largely about who gets the information first. If you can get access to a property before it hits the MLS, it puts the buyer in the driver’s seat. Another part is knowing where these builders are buying properties so I can better advise clients where to invest their money so they have real upside on a potential exit. 

What motivates you to go to work every day? 

Trevor: Being surrounded by hungry, creative colleagues. We’re always looking to connect the dots and put deals together with fantastic clients. This makes me excited for what I do.

Tell us about a book you love.

Angel: The book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles was written back in 1910. The tools and techniques this book gives you could be summed up as an alignment of the mind, body and soul. Once you can balance those three things, you can achieve any goal you put into the universe or your mind.

Photographed by Jeffrey Fiterman