Intersect Los Angeles
Michelle Stevenson, Founder

Michelle Stevenson began making candles as a hobby in 2015. She had worked in high-end retail management, founded a dog training business, and also worked with dog and cat rescue organizations. In 2018 she launched Intersect Candles with the mission of “Intersecting our passion for the home with our love of animals.” The company uses unique blends of safe, premium, cruelty-free ingredients—such as coconut and soy waxes and essential oils—to create a variety of candles. They donate more than 10% of their profits to the nonprofit Pawsitive Change.  

Why do you choose to support this charity?  

“I chose Pawsitive Change because I believe strongly in rehabilitation of humans, and I have a love and passion for animals. Pawsitive Change (aka Marley’s Mutts) is a rescue group that partners death row dogs with incarcerated inmates who apply to be part of this program. Once approved, inmates are given a dog for 14 weeks. Dogs live with the inmates, who are trained weekly by professionals from Marley’s Mutts on how to rehabilitate the dogs—working on socialization, basic obedience and manners. At the end of the 14 weeks, dogs are given a Canine Good Citizen certificate and then adopted by their forever families (sometimes by the inmates’ family members). The inmates learn a rewarding vocation; 50% of those who have been through the Pawsitive Change program and were later released now work in the dog service industry.”

Why should we support local nonprofitS? 

“Simply put, they need our help.”

Tell us about a local hero you know.  

“Zach Skow, the founder of Pawsitive Change and Marley’s Mutts. He has 13 years of sobriety and was near end-of-life prior to finding his calling to create a foundation of hope and opportunity for incarcerated people and pets so both may find a path home.”

What have been your proudest moments during the recent crisis?  

“Having the perspective of thinking globally and not selfishly. And vaccination.”

What are you especially grateful for today?  

“Being of service to others without expectation.”

What do you hope to achieve professionally in 2021?  

“I hope to continue to grow the business and find homes in additional boutique retail stores, in the hopes of giving back even more to Pawsitive Change.”