Stephanie Wolff, PA-C 

Launch Medical was founded at Novus Anti-Aging Center in 2017 by board-certified physician assistant Stephanie Wolff and Dustin Wolff to offer science-backed, medically sound solutions for a variety of challenges. The two joined forces with inventor Jon Hoffman to create The Phoenix, a low-intensity shockwave therapy device that men use at home to improve sexual decline that naturally occurs with age. The patented, FDA-registered device helps men restore sexual performance without traveling to a clinic or spending thousands of dollars on treatments.

How did The Phoenix come about?

Dustin had the idea of helping millions of men worldwide with a home-use device that would solve the embarrassing problems of sexual decline. Jon created the very first device; then we formed a corporation and got to work. Two years and 20 prototypes later, we went to market with no investor money. Our son, Austin Wolff, designed a presale campaign that generated $3 million in under three months, and the rest is history. We are now headed into international sales, with many exciting projects yet to come.

Why is this an important product?

Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction is a sign and symptom of atherosclerosis or micro-plaque that has developed in the small arteries of the penis. It will progressively worsen with time and can lead to a heart attack approximately three to five years after the first sign of impotence.

Tell us about your team.

We have an incredible team of around 30 employees/contractors who live all around the world. They work for a cause they believe in. It’s amazing when you find like-minded people who want to change lives and will do what it takes to make this happen. 

What makes the health care sector a good career choice for entrepreneurs?

Health care is an incredible field for people who want to make a tangible difference in the lives of their patients while finding new ways to innovate in a recession-proof industry. We are always learning something new. Science is always developing, and people are always aging.

What are your goals and dreams for 2023?

Our goal is to be in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong and Europe by the end of 2023. We hope to double our team and double the number of  lives we are changing. We are confident that we will obtain our FDA clearance by the end of this year and start the FDA approval process.